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James Hooker


I worked as Head of Operations for a sales organisation for over 5 years. I specialise in all aspects of HubSpot. Our focus has been aligning our consulting with customers’ KPIs, focusing on end-to-end solutions.

At Hubstart, I head up the customer interactions, assisting customers to develop their overall strategy, and managing the team to implement their solution.

Scott Underhill


Having run multiple companies in the past, with a strong background in Process Automation and AI,  I was looking for a new challenge around how other companies achieve their automation. 

At Hubstart, I head up the process automation, technical and orchestration solutions, which bridge HubSpot with third parties and custom implementations.

  • Hubstart Infinity
  • Marketing and Sales Accelerator

Hubstart Infinity




1 task at a time and a monthly call with senior HubSpotter




3 tasks at a time and a monthly call with senior HubSpotter

Infinity Advanced


9 tasks at a time and a monthly call with Hubstart Executive

Marketing and Sales Accelerator

Marketing Hub Accelerator

  1. Core HubSpot integrations, including Ads, Socials, Google Search Console and Analytics

  2. Creation of two email templates, one for marketing emails and one for newsletters

  3. Creation of a landing page template for promotions such as gated content and webinars

  4. Migration of the blog to HubSpot for use in content marketing strategy

  5. Creation of the HubSpot chatbot to feed chat leads to sales and the CRM

  6. Migrations of forms to HubSpot to collect cookie data and creating two popup forms

  7. Convert CTA buttons to HubSpot CTAs in order to track behaviour and conversion paths

  8. Creation of two nurture flows (with you providing copy)

  9. Setting up lead scoring with your company’s preferred criteria

  10. Creating a marketing dashboard around the company’s preferred marketing metrics

  11. Providing training on how to use the Marketing Hub tools

Sales Hub Accelerator

  1. Setting up all custom properties needed on contacts, companies, deals and tickets

  2. Creating users, setting up teams and permissions for initial users

  3. Mapping out sales and support processes in HubSpot as deal and ticket pipelines

  4. Setting up sales and service process automations as needed

  5. Integrating sales enablement tools such as VOIP, contract and invoicing

  6. Creating initial templates, snippets and email sequences (with you providing copy)

  7. Creating a sales dashboard around the company’s preferred sales metrics

  8. Providing training to Sales Team on using all Sales Hub Tools, including:

    Data (contacts, companies, deals, lists, activities), communications, task management, creating and using templates, snippets, documents and sequences, using meeting links, creating and using reports (including sales analytics and forecasting)

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